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Clinical Nutrition
Taking a functional medicine approach to clinical nutrition, we educate you about how food affects your body and develop a personalized dietary protocol to keep your body functioning at an optimal level.

The vast majority of the American diet is inflammatory and toxic, and poor dietary choices have led to the chronic illness epidemic in our country. However, because chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease are often self-created problems caused by the food we’ve chosen to put into our bodies, many of these conditions can be prevented and even reversed. 

Our nutritional approach follows the functional medicine model and addresses the whole person. The first step is to determine your unique profile. This requires extensive investigative work that goes far deeper than the symptom level so we can identify the root cause of any health issues you may be experiencing. We use a comprehensive examination, blood work and diagnostic testing, which may include genetic testing as part of our nutrigenomics program. After gathering as much data as possible, we analyze the following:

  • How your body rids itself of toxins
  • Regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Immune system function
  • Inflammatory responses
  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • The health of the digestive tract
  • Structural integrity
  • Psychological and spiritual equilibrium
  • How you produce energy

Based on your individual body’s needs, we can create a customized dietary protocol that emphasizes healthy, healing foods. We don’t use off-the-shelf, cookie cutter plans. Our clinical nutritionist, 

Dr. Oscar Coetzee, PhD has written dozens of proprietary protocols, drawing from evidence-based nutritional research from more than 20 years of clinical experience. For hundreds of patients, the results have been life-changing. We encourage you to read the incredible research and case studies from Dr. Coetzee towards the bottom of this page.

Of course, we don’t simply hand you a plan and send you on your way. Implementing and sticking with a new dietary lifestyle isn’t easy. Our nutritional team offers one-on-one and family consultations, and we’re always there for you by phone and email to help you determine when protocol procedures should be added or eliminated.

Through comprehensive assessment, personalized dietary protocols, education and ongoing support, we empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices that enable you to feel better, function better and live longer.

Published Articles from Dr. Coetzee:

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