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Health and Wellness Services

Whether you come to us with an acute condition like a neck injury from a car accident, or a chronic condition like type 2 diabetes or obesity, we take an integrative approach to care that addresses your physical, nutritional and psychological well-being.

Your Complimentary Consultation

Every Natural Healthcare Center patient receives a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Proodian. Dr. Proodian will listen to your concerns, discuss your medical history and health goals, review your diagnostic imaging, blood test results and prescriptions, and offer insights based on this information – all at no charge.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

A healthcare provider should only take action after doing extensive investigative work. We conduct a comprehensive exam, order necessary tests such as blood work, x-ray, CT scan or MRI. We then analyze all data to determine your current health status, identify the root cause of any health issues, and develop a personalized treatment plan. This science-based plan will address all three components of the Triad of Health – the physical, nutritional and psychological – to restore and maintain balance across all of your body’s systems.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from patients is the fragmentation and disconnect between various doctors and healthcare providers. At Natural Healthcare Center, we use a highly coordinated, integrative approach in which all providers have access to the same information and collaborate to ensure your plan is implemented as intended.

The modalities we recommend depend on the individual. The primary services offered at Natural Healthcare Center include:

We use advanced techniques such as Cox Technic to treat spinal conditions and enable your body to heal and function properly.
Acupuncture stimulates the body’s immune system and allows blood and energy to flow to the parts of the body that need healing.
Our licensed massage therapists blend a number of clinical-based techniques to create a massage tailored to your specific needs.
From sports injuries to auto accidents to knee surgery, we can help you recover safely and return to the activities you enjoy.
Based on your body’s dietary needs, we recommend and customize research-based, nutritional protocols and monitor your progress.
By learning how your genes respond to food, we can make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic makeup.
We recommend high-quality, physician administered supplements to support an anti-inflammatory diet and help you feel your best.
A naturopathic approach to women’s health targets the root cause of the problem by addressing all three components of the Triad of Health.
Occupational therapy is a treatment that can help people with a wide variety of conditions develop or recover skills required for everyday activities.

Comfortable Environment

At Natural Healthcare Center, we've designed a peaceful, comfortable environment that makes you feel like you are coming home. Each floor has a different focus.

On the first floor

We offer passive therapy, aimed at reducing and eliminating your pain. Your doctor or therapist will "work on you”, be it through a chiropractic treatment, a therapeutic massage, an acupuncture visit, a nutritional program, or a complimentary consultation with Dr. James Proodian.

On the second floor

We offer active therapy. Our doctor of physical therapy provides exceptional one-on-one rehabilitative therapy. You can also become an active participant in your reconditioning and rehabilitation by participating in our fitness programs designed specifically for your condition.

Designed for You

Everything about the entire Natural Healthcare Center facility, from furniture and flooring, to artwork and colors, to large windows that let in natural light, is designed to make patients feel welcome and comfortable. When you visit us, we want you to feel like you’re coming home.

Philosophy of Care

Natural Healthcare Center treats every patient as a unique individual, not just another person with the same problems as everyone else. We take the time to listen to your concerns and collect as much information as possible. We connect the dots to find the root cause of what’s bothering you. Then we develop a personalized treatment plan and so you can get healthy and stay healthy.

The Triad of Health

The Pyramid of Health

99.2% of patients would refer friends and family to us.

99.2% of patients would refer friends and family to us.
Dr. Proodian & Dr. Kurt always look to find and treat the source of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms. An amazing place overall, great staff from the top to the bottom.
Derek T.
The most caring and professional staff in the area. Hands down my favorite place to go for acupuncture and adjustments!
Dave Z.
Very professional, caring, compassionate service. Would highly recommend this group of professionals. Being a healthcare educator, Dr. Proodian is well informed by his research.
Lorraine B.
Natural Healthcare Cebter is a first class operation. They are true professionals and the office is run like a well oiled machine. I have only seen Dr. Kurt and am extremely pleased with his service. I would highly recommend them.
Michael L.
I'm so happy I decided to take this step. I would say, "run, don't walk" to discuss your healthcare plan with Dr. Proodian and Dr. Coetzee (actually, the entire staff is worth mentioning - they are a great team!) Indeed, this is one of the best choices you will make in your life!
Susan M.
I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have been referred to Natural Healthcare. From the moment I called, to my most current appointment this week, Dr.Proodian and his staff have been AMAZING! If you are pregnant and have sciatica, or back issues in general, this is the place to go- you have the opportunity to find relief!
I had pulled out my back due to the stress I had experienced from the overseas trip my wife had gone on. Well since I been going to a chiropractor for over 30 years, I know the benefits of going to one. The Natural Healthcare Center performed the treatment that I needed. Their staff was excellent in addressing my problem and they solved my back situation in the first visit. As they recommended, I went back the following 3 days and was completely healed and that's why I gave them a 5 star rating
Mike L.
I own a personal training studio (Fresh training) and have always been very hesitant in referring my members out for medical support. Dr. Proodian and his staff are at a completely different level then the rest of their field. They give each patient exactly what they need. You can comfortably go with the knowledge that your best health is the centers #1 concern.
Rob L.
Not only is everyone at Natural Healthcare so friendly and caring, they really know what they are doing. I spent years visiting different chiropractors, orthopedists, massage therapists and physical therapists and no one could properly diagnose my shoulder pain. Dr. Claudia is the first person who was able to look at the big picture and realize that most of the pain in my shoulder was coming not just from my shoulder but from my neck. When I started PT I could barely move my neck to either side and could not turn my head. I finally feel like I am making real progress.
Siobhan F.
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