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Supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural substances that are added to the diet to improve health and reduce the risk of illness – without medication or surgery.

Wellness is a state of physical, nutritional and psychological balance. Proper supplementation, in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes, plays a critical role in restoring and maintaining balance and, ideally, preventing the imbalances that cause people to become chronically ill in the first place.

Chronic health conditions ranging from heart disease and type 2 diabetes to nagging back pain have become so common that most people don’t remember what it’s like to feel truly healthy. Pain and discomfort are accepted as normal. But if you’re not feeling your best, you can’t be your best.

The fact is, most chronic illnesses can be prevented and even reversed. This is accomplished not with prescription drugs, but with a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan and lifestyle changes that address the root cause of the problem. Supplements are an important part of this equation.

As part of our clinical nutrition program, we often prescribe supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and enzymes to ensure patients are getting enough nutrients that may have been lacking. Supplements can also help remove harmful toxins from the body, reduce stress and make you more resilient to certain diseases.

We only prescribe doctor-recommended, pharmaceutical-grade supplement brands that have passed rigorous testing to confirm the ingredients on the label are contained in the supplement. This isn’t the case with most supplements. Just keep in mind that taking more than the recommended dosage of certain supplements can be harmful, so they should only be taken after consulting with your doctor.

Supplements are one of many tools in the Natural Healthcare Center shed that we use to help our patients feel better, function better and live as many active, disease-free years as possible.

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