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NHC Fitness

Train Safely. Get Results.

Developed by Dr. James Proodian, NHC Fitness is a new personal training model designed to maximize customization, flexibility, and accountability. You’ll work closely with a certified personal trainer who will develop monthly strength training and conditioning programming based on your physical state today and what you want it to be tomorrow. You can also check in at NHC every month and monitor your progress with our state-of-the-art body measurement technology.


I see it every day when I sit down with Natural Healthcare Center patients. They suffer injuries unnecessarily because they do exercises they shouldn’t do, or they use incorrect form. If they’re fortunate enough to avoid injury, their workouts simply aren’t producing the results they expect.

The sad reality is that most people either train on their own without proper guidance, or they work with a trainer who isn’t qualified to assess their physical condition or create an exercise program based on their individual needs and goals.

These experiences have motivated me to develop a new personal training model, one that provides you with access to a qualified trainer, advanced technology for measuring your progress, and the freedom and flexibility to train where you want and when you want.

This is NHC Fitness.

If you’re frustrated by injuries and a lack of progress from your workout routine, ask me how this new personal training program can empower you to train safely and achieve your fitness goals.

Yours in Health,
Dr. James Proodian

Kickstart your journey to better health and fitness

For just $95 per month, you’ll receive:

  • An initial assessment (in-person or virtual) with your certified personal trainer.
  • Personalized fitness programming with custom workouts, updated monthly.
  • Monthly body composition scans with NHC’s advanced InBody technology.
  • Access to your trainer via mobile messaging to ask questions and receive support.
  • Access to NHC Fitness through the FitSW app to track training and nutrition goals together with your trainer.

Quick and easy steps to get started with NHC Fitness

For just $95 per month, you’ll receive:

  • Contact Anthony at abaklouk@naturalhc.com to book your initial assessment either in person or virtual
  • Receive an email with a link to the app as well as your own login ID and password for FitSW.com.
  • Click on the FitSW link. From the WELCOME page type in your login ID and password then click “Get Started”.
  • A YouTube video will pop up explaining to you how to navigate your new workout program

A minimum three-month subscription is required. After three months, you’re free to renew or cancel your subscription.

Meet Anthony, Your Trainer

Anthony Baklouk is a certified personal trainer who is eager to guide you on your fitness journey and help you unlock your potential! Strength training has been an important part of Anthony’s life for decades.

A fitness athlete and two-time natural physique champion, Anthony has extensive experience in both in-person and virtual training experience. He earned a bachelor’s degree in health studies from Monmouth University.

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