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How Chiropractic Rehabilitation Delivers Positive Outcomes for NHC Patients

October 26, 2022

My entire career as a chiropractor, health educator, and Clinical Director at Natural Healthcare Center is driven by the science and philosophy of integrative care. We use all resources at our disposal – every clinician’s experience, every tool, every ounce of knowledge we have as a team – to identify and treat the root cause of acute and chronic health conditions.

We work together as an integrative team of clinicians to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our goal is to help you feel better, function better, and live longer. 

It’s not a slogan. It’s the result we work so hard to achieve for every person who walks through our doors.

One of the best examples of integrative care is chiropractic rehabilitation.

What Is Chiropractic Rehabilitation?

Chiropractic rehabilitation is the integration of multiple disciplines – chiropractic and occupational therapy and/or physical therapy – to treat a condition. 

This is not a service offered by all chiropractors. The chiropractors at Natural Healthcare Center are specifically trained and educated in chiropractic rehabilitation and serve as the quarterback for providing care. The chiropractor will perform an assessment, determine whether the patient is a candidate for chiropractic rehabilitation, and design a personalized treatment plan.

The Disciplines of Chiropractic Rehabilitation

To understand why chiropractic rehabilitation is so effective, let’s take a step back and look at the complementary disciplines involved.


Chiropractic care focuses on removing interference in the nervous system by restoring the spine to its proper position. This allows the brain to send clear signals to the rest of the body so it knows how to function, which supports faster healing. Chiropractic can also be used to restore mobility, balance, and function in other joints.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on helping people with mental disabilities, injuries, impairments, and other conditions develop or recover skills required for everyday activities, like getting dressed and going to work or school. This helps the patient enjoy a productive, independent life. 

Like physical therapy, occupational therapy also focuses on restoring proper movement and function and building strength, mobility, stability, and balance. This involves the use of rehabilitation modalities such as guided exercise, stretching, massage therapy, heat and ice, and ultrasound.

How This Integrative Discipline Works

Again, the chiropractor takes the lead in examining the patient and determining if chiropractic rehabilitation is likely to produce the best possible outcome. Working in collaboration with an in-house occupational therapist and/or physical therapist, the chiropractor will develop a diagnosis, prognosis, and personalized treatment plan.

While each member of the team focuses on their discipline, we’re in constant communication about your condition, progress, and treatment plan. 

For example:

  • The chiropractor will perform various chiropractic techniques to improve spinal alignment and nervous system function, such as traditional adjustments, Cox Technic, or electronic stimulation, based on your condition and goals. 
  • The occupational therapist and/or physical therapist, if necessary, will help you learn, relearn, or improve your ability to perform daily activities and will guide you through movements and exercise to build strength, mobility, and stability.

Practically speaking, you benefit from having access to a team of clinicians who work together every day under one roof at Natural Healthcare Center. When you go to a center where all disciplines are not offered, you have to schedule separate appointments at different offices with clinicians who might not even know each other. 

At Natural Healthcare Center, we create a detailed treatment plan, monitor your progress, review the results together, and seamlessly adapt your plan if necessary. The level of integration and collaboration you experience with us can result in a better outcome in less time with a lot less stress and aggravation.

If you were ever unsure about the value and benefits of integrative care, chiropractic rehabilitation is the perfect example. If you’re struggling with a painful chronic condition or recovering from an injury, schedule a complimentary consultation at Natural Healthcare Center today.

Dr. Proodian

Dr. James Proodian is an accomplished chiropractic physician, health educator, and professional public speaker who founded Proodian Healthcare Family of Companies to help people feel better, function better, and live longer. His expertise is in identifying clinical imbalances and restoring the body to health and functionality. Contact: jproodian@naturalhc.com or (732) 222‑2219.