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Behind the Scenes at NHC – Julianne Oliniski, L.Ac.

May 16, 2024

I like Britannica’s definition of “quagmire” (pronounced KWAG-my-arrr): a situation that is hard to deal with or get out of: a situation that is full of real, potential and/or perceived problems. 

When was the last time you had to manage a difficult health situation? Perhaps you are dealing with a scary new diagnosis or a loved one has something ‘wrong’ but you just cannot get the answers you need to manage the issue. Often, we are faced with so many options and potential scary outcomes that making a treatment decision can be truly overwhelming.  There are considerations of time, cost of care, travel, and fear of not knowing if a certain treatment option will be effective. After all, determining how to manage your health can positively or negatively impact life-long outcomes on our physical and emotional health. Treatment decisions can be a true quagmire – at Natural Healthcare Center (NHC), we understand. 

I would like to introduce one of NHC’s many non-invasive treatment options for physical, nutritional, and emotional ailments: Acupuncture.  There is a lot to be said for starting with the least invasive, lightest treatment available before jumping to a potential surgical intervention or toxic medication regimens. Perhaps getting dozens of needles expertly placed on your body like a busy road map seems extreme… except it really is not. Acupuncture is just one out of the box way to ease pain, stress, anxiety, or even shed the last few pounds!

Yes, Acupuncture is often ostracized as a “quackery medicine;” however, I say- don’t knock it till you try it. Acupuncture is traditionally known as: The art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. TCM believes that the body’s vital energy, called qi (pronounced chi), flows along specific channels or meridians. If the qi is balanced then the person has spiritual, emotional, and physical health. But when the qi isn’t in balance, disease may occur.

Here at NHC, licensed acupuncturist Julianne Oliniski is known for her expert physical, emotional, spiritual, and even trauma related healing methods. Forget restrictive diets, or intense rehabilitation plans – Acupuncture can be a real key to healing. 

Born in Brazil, Julianne has overcome many life challenges; yet you would never suspect this amazing woman’s opposition when meeting her. Soft spoken, brilliant, and beyond talented, Julianne has an incredible ability to expertly focus on whatever ailment you have and needle it away! Julianne moved to Neptune, NJ from the beautiful outlay of Brazil to be with her family. Primarily Portuguese speaking, Julianne enrolled in an English as Second Language class at a local college and attempted to expand her expert skills as a licensed Physical Therapist here in the US, however as we all have experienced, obtaining any sort of license here in NJ is often met with frustrating quagmire’s every direction you turn!

These challenges never stopped Julianne; she has spent countless hours honing her skills in both Chinese AND French (called the Microkinesiotherapie) as a Master’s Degree prepared Acupuncturist. Julianne is exuberant about her ability to treat patients.  “I learned to pivot with each challenge. If one thing doesn’t work, I will try something else”. Julianne explains that appropriate Acupuncture can treat pain, curve overeating, cure irritable bowels, and even alleviate physical stressors from past trauma. Julianne is the epitome of commitment at work and at home. She enjoys supporting her family and Brazilian traditions of cooking delicious cakes and treats to compliment her afternoon tea with her grandmother and aspires to be the best possible Aunt to her nephew Carter.

The compliments and stories of healing are vast and beyond impressive. Thank you Julianne for all you do!

Jennifer Rae

Jennifer Rae is a Board-Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner (APN) with nearly 30 years of experience helping individuals in both traditional and homeopathic medicine. She has vast expertise as an APN that spans in neurology, family medicine, behavioral and mental health conditions. Jennifer is passionate about teaching and utilizing a preventative, holistic approach with her patients. She serves to assess, diagnose, and treat chronic and complex conditions with experience and compassion.