“Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer” Health Education Seminar For Women

Marlboro, N.J.— Monmouth Worship Center cordially invites women ages 18 and older to attend a special health education seminar, “Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer,” led by Dr. James Proodian, founder of Proodian Healthcare and Natural Healthcare Center in Long Branch, to be held Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

During this seminar, Dr. Proodian will discuss the essential components needed for women to achieve optimal health. He will clear up confusion about today’s health issues, explaining the genetic and environmental influences on your health—including how our fast-paced lifestyle is crippling us and why there is no such thing as a diet.

Using his “Triad of Health,” which addresses your physical, nutritional, and psychological needs, he will offer science-based recommendations, outlining simple steps you can take immediately not only to optimize your health but also to avoid—and even reverse—such chronic illnesses as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

“Dr. Proodian is a forthright, articulate, and amicable speaker. He educates with spoonfuls of empathy, humor, and hope,” said Johanna Astuto, a representative of N.J.A.G. ReaLife Women's Department. “After attending his seminar, my thinking became liberated: I realized that ‘I am too young to be old.’ Since then, I have been taking necessary personal steps to become physically stronger and mentally sharper.”

Dr. Proodian’s health education seminar “Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer” is offered to churches and church organizations through his “By Design Ministries” program. He is also the host of “By Design,” a weekly radio show on the Bridge FM, during which he discusses how to live a wellness lifestyle as God intended by making choices that keep our physical, nutritional, and psychological systems in balance. Through his “By Design” programs, Dr. Proodian shares his expertise in how to achieve optimal health by focusing on disease prevention and identifying the underlying causes of serious chronic illness.

For more information, visit www.proodianhealthcare.com.

The September 13th event will be held at Monmouth Worship Center, located at 37 Vanderburg Road in Marlboro Township. It will begin with a breakfast at 9 a.m. Dr. Proodian will speak from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., leaving time at the end for Dr. Proodian to answer your questions.

All women are invited to attend. Registration is required. Please send your name, contact information, and a $10 check made payable to ECS Women’s Department to Johanna Astuto, ReaLife Women’s Department, C/O Crossroads Assembly of God, 19 Main Street, Englishtown, NJ 07726.

The $10 fee covers breakfast. ECS Women’s Department is also kindly asking anyone who is called to give for a love offering, which will be donated to Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center in Shrewsbury, N.J.

For more information, contact Johanna Astuto at (732) 403-7194.