Natural Healthcare Center Launches “By Design Ministries” Health Education Program

Long Branch, N.J. —On Sat., June 7, parishioners of Colts Neck Community Church experienced a different kind of inspirational presentation when Dr. James Proodian of Natural Healthcare Center spoke to them about how they can take back their health and achieve healthier lifestyles.

Dr. Proodian’s appearance marked the launch of his new “By Design Ministries” program, which offers health education seminars to churches and church groups in New Jersey. It’s part of a larger initiative he created called Wellness at Work, which offers health education programs to businesses and organizations.

Dr. Proodian, a chiropractic physician and health educator, founded Natural Healthcare Center, a health and wellness center in Long Branch, in 2003 to help people achieve better health. For the past two years, Dr. Proodian has been the host of the radio show “By Design” on The Bridge FM. The immediate success of that program inspired him to take it on the road.

The goal of “By Design” is to help people understand how God designed our bodies for optimal health, yet “man” has distorted this plan by creating foods we were never designed to eat, exercises we were never designed to do, and a world full of stress.

“We’re so amazed by man-made technology,” Dr. Proodian said. “All of this is miniscule in comparison to what God has created with our bodies. The human body is resilient. And chronic illness is reversible.”

According to Dr. Proodian, it’s about getting back to some simple basic rules about the way we eat, exercise, and manage stress.

During his “By Design Ministries” keynote presentation “Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer,” Dr. Proodian outlines these simple basic rules and explains our current healthcare state—how inflammatory foods are driving the chronic-illness epidemic, how living the adrenal-driven lifestyle is crippling us, and why we need real solutions for personal fitness.

He also offers practical real-life strategies attendees can begin using immediately. Those in attendance at Colts Neck were thrilled with the presentation.

“Many attendees came to me afterward and asked for details on the next seminar,” said Elizabeth O’Reilly, Director of Communications at NHC. “Spouses commented on how great it was that they were together to hear Dr. Proodian’s message so they could adopt the lifestyle improvements together rather than try to explain it to one another.”

“It was outstanding!” commented one attendee. “I greatly admire [Dr. Proodian’s] knowledge, commitment to helping others, and integrity that shines through.”

Pastor Chris Durkin also saw tremendous value in bringing “By Design” to his congregation.

“ ‘By Design’ is a powerful window into human physiology and the dangers of our society's contemporary dietary decisions,” he said. “This is an issue that affects our well being as husbands, wives, businessmen, athletes, and, most of all, Christians. It’s five days later, and I am still hearing Dr. Proodian’s voice in my head.”

With healthcare costs on the rise and chronic illness at epidemic levels, Dr. Proodian believes his message is needed now more than ever. The statistics are staggering: Seventy-five percent of all disease is related to chronic illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Thirty-five percent of adults, and one in five children are obese.

For Dr. Proodian, it’s been man’s intervention over the last hundred or so years that has created this situation, including the industrialization of food, food engineering, and sedentary lifestyles.

“Sixty to 70 years ago we were consuming 15 pounds of sugar per person per year,” he explained. “Now we consume more than 150 pounds of sugar per year per person.”

For him, it’s about personal responsibility. “If we know there’s 12 tablespoons of sugar in a product and sugar is the leading cause of obesity, then we should be avoiding that product,” he said.

To begin alleviating the chronic illness epidemic, he explained, we need to get back to God’s design. “There are five things the human body needs to live: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals, and water,” he said. “I didn’t say soda. Our country needs to get back to some basic principles so we can take back our health.”

Through “By Design Ministries,” Dr. Proodian hopes to help people do just that by showing them how to focus on what they can control and the choices they make.

“We need to educate ourselves and become more health literate,” he concluded. “This must be a grassroots effort. We need to get upset about the statistics.”

For more information about Dr. Proodian’s health education programs, including “By Design Ministries” and “Wellness at Work,” contact

*While there is no cost for the seminar, Dr. Proodian kindly asks anyone who is called to give to contribute a “love offering.” All contributions and speaker fees will be donated to Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center in Shrewsbury, N.J., and used to create a college scholarship fund for students at local Christian high schools.